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Phera Mone

Phera Mone was created to enable easy collaboration for discord game events across communities, let everyone know you are holding an event or keep an eye out for others!

The Bot Basics

Some of the boring stuff...

  • Slash Commands

    All interactions with this bot are done through Discord's Slash Commands. They are easier to control permissions from inside your Server Settings

    Discord Docs
  • Experienced Developer

    I've made many bots for various projects / teams including all the ones I've made just for fun and am always improving them

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  • Trusted Security

    The minimal data that we hold is held securely in a MongoDB database with very limited access, and also the Bot is hosted on a Secure VPS

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Phera Mone is a Public Discord bot

Any server can invite and start sending and receiving game event alerts

It is only effective and beneficial with more communities introducing it into their flows, so take a look below at how many communities are getting involved!

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Phera Mone features

Phera Mone has many features but here are some main features of this bot.

  • Send and receive alert for game events across the network! Join others or bring people to your community for these events.

  • Quick setup command to create the needed channels and includes a role react feature to ping for certain events.

  • Friendly support team ready to answer any questions you have and get you onboarded.

  • NEW Premium feature added to allow announcing of Twitter Spaces and making your events more visible.